Capítulo 1 de Silence (En inglés)

29 septiembre, 2011

Para todos los fanses de Hush Hush. Aquí el primer capítulo de Silence, el último libro de la trilogía (mentira, ya se confirmó que Hush Hush será una "trilogía" de cuatro libros xD típico). Obviamente si no han leído Crescendo no deben de leerlo. xD

Read Chapter 1 of Silence:
Even before I opened my eyes, I knew I was in danger.
I stirred at the soft crunch of footsteps drawing closer. A dim flicker of sleep remained, dulling my focus. I was flat on my back, a chill seeping through my shirt.
My neck was crooked at a painful angle, and I opened my eyes. Thin stones loomed out of the blue-black fog. For a strange suspended moment, an image of crooked teeth came to mind, and then I saw them for what they really were. Gravestones.
I tried to push myself up to sitting, but my hands slipped on the wet grass. Fighting the haze of sleep still curled around my mind, I rolled sideways off a half-sunken grave, feeling my way through the vapor. The knees of my pants soaked up dew as I crawled between the haphazardly placed graves and monuments. Mild recognition hovered, but it was a side thought; I couldn't bring myself to focus through the excruciating pain radiating inside my skull.
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3 comentarios:

  1. Gracias por el capítulo pero yo me voy a esperar para cuando salga que si no... jaja Un saludito

  2. Gracias por el capítulo :)

    Aunque no lo leere que aún no e leído el segundo :)


  3. Del twitter de Becca Fitzpatrick se que va a haber un cuarto libro.


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